Finding Rose Hill Taekwondo has helped me change many things about my general health and fitness. Master Mario is so welcoming and encouraging. I feel better and fitter and I love the mix of classes to keep me challenged!

Regina F.

We recently moved to Pleasantville and were very pleased to find Rose Hill Taekwondo. Our sons had briefly attended another Taekwondo school but we expect they are going to be at Rose Hill long term. The instructors are all very experienced (you are not being taught by a kid) and we like the programs which include Forms, Weapons, Self Defense, Kickboxing, etc.

We also really enjoyed the Family Workout, which they hold every few weeks so we can join our sons on the mat, and the Friendship Games with another school was fun. My sons experienced Olympic Sparring for the first time and enjoyed it.

Rose Hill Taekwondo
Cristina S.

My daughter attends Rose Hill Taekwondo and loves it. The school is always very clean, instructors are great and the classes are never too large so I feel that she gets a lot of attention. They have numerous programs so the students are never bored. We are very pleased with this school.

Rose Hill Taekwondo
Rose Z.

Master Mario and Instructor Danny are the best in the business! I highly recommend this school.

Rose Hill Taekwondo

My son attends Rose Hill TKD and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Master Mario and Instructor Danny. I highly recommend Rose Hill Tae Kwon Do to any parent or adult!

Action figure performing Taekwondo in blue and white

Rose Hill Taekwondo is a great place to train! Master Mario is a great instructor, teaching Taekwondo and Kickboxing to people of all ages from kids and teens to adults. I am 25 and had been a brown belt previously in my old school that I decided to part ways with back in 2014. I missed the arts and decided to look around for a new school. After a few failed attempts, I found Rose Hill TKD and I can surely say that I’m here to stay! The overall atmosphere is great. Master Mario is very hands-on with his students, making things easy to understand and grasp. The adults that I train with are very friendly, and everyone supports and encourages each other to accomplish any goal that they set for themselves at the school. See you on the mat tomorrow!

Rose Hill Taekwondo