Classes & Clubs

Little Tiger & Tiger Cubs

Little Tigers for 3-4 year olds, and Tiger Cubs for 4-5 age range, are
designed specifically for these young students. We emphasize listening and concentration skills while developing motor skills using fun exercises and drills. Our Little Tigers and Tiger Cubs instructors are friendly, encouraging, and have plenty of experience with children.


For ages 6-12, confidence and leadership qualities are developed as coordination and martial skills grow. No two classes are alike, and your child will look forward to each class and to spending time with their friendly classmates and instructors.


Continued emphasis on discipline, following directions and developing leadership skills. Situational awareness and the strength to disregard negative influences is stressed along with the physical aspect of training with the expectation of developing a high level of skill and expertise.

Family Classes

Family participation has been shown to motivate children’s completion of Black Belt Programs and improve the entire family’s health while providing a fun time together.


Our Adult Program focuses on Traditional Taekwondo and Kickboxing while stressing their application in self-defense scenarios. We actively practice situational awareness to ensure that our skills can be applied as needed. Physical fitness, flexibility and aerobic ability, are also enhanced.

Aerobic Kickboxing

Amazing aerobic workout combining kickboxing techniques such as shadow boxing, personalized focus mitt drills, double-ended bag, and heavy bag training as well as advanced plyometrics and core workouts. Our NASM certified trainers will make you sweat!

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