Benefits of a Smaller/Real Martial Arts Program

Beware of “McDojos”

Franchise martial arts schools are growing in popularity and supported with huge marketing budgets. However, many are the fast food equivalent of martial arts, known to the martial arts community as “McDojos”.

Everything in a franchise martial arts school is designed and marketed to keep you coming back,  but are you getting quality instruction?

Ask the chain school the following questions:

1) Who is actually teaching the classes?
2) Are they a life-long martial artist dedicated to the arts and certified by a reputable worldwide organization?
3) Will their certification/belt be accepted at another non-franchise school?
4) Do the student’s skills match their belt rank?

Franchises may rush the student past his/her learning speed. Learning fancy kicks and movements without consideration for how well they are performed is worthless to the student.

Yes, they offer flashy content, teach the latest “hot martial art” and some schools may offer services like babysitting, but is that what you really want in your martial arts program?

Cool flashy uniforms and fast easy belt promotions does not teach you self-defense or discipline. Neither does a relentless focus on their bottom-line profitability.

That’s a huge difference between us and them, and a huge benefit to training with us at Rose Hill Tae Kwon Do.

At Rose Hill Tae Kwon Do, we are proud to say that the answer is YES to each of the following:

Is each class led by a Master Instructor (4th Degree Black Belt)?
Is individualized attention given to each student?
Do students progress at their own pace, not a set schedule?
Does each student receive a World Taekwondo Kukkiwon certification?
Is there a specific programs for all ages, not one size fits all approach?

If you’d like to discuss the difference between McDojos and Rose Hill Tae Kwon Do, please contact us. We’re more than happy to discuss the benefits of a real martial arts program with you. Click here.